APRILSKIN Calamine Solution Spot Cream

APRILSKIN Calamine Solution Spot Cream

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Calamine Solution Spot Cream

Product Details

The Smooth cream texture helps application and can be applied morning, night, and before makeup application.

You need the calamine solution spot cream if

  • Your skin has been sensitive recently

  • You need a spot cream

  • You don't like powdery soothing creams

  • You want to calm troubled areas before makeup

  • You want to care for sensitive skin quickly


Concentration - Creamy
Scent - Powdery
Hydration - Moisturizing and Gentle
Color - Baby Pink
Application - Creamy and Soft


Apply and pat on troubled area.
Add an extra layer for extra care.

Key Ingredients

1. Calming Tea Trea Leaf Oil
2. Energetic Persimmon Tree Leaf Extract
3. Hydrating Rosemary Leaf Extract
4. Prevents Dry Centella Extract