KOELCIA Yogufresh Timeless Cream 50g

KOELCIA Yogufresh Timeless Cream 50g


Cleopatra’s a special anti-aging method which has a scientific fermentation.

Super powerful nutritive energic anti-aging cream that gives finishing touches to the hidden shine in the skin.

Only Koelcia’s Yogu-Water 3 complex, it gives you triple hydration natural light by the combination of yogurt lactobacillus fermentation extract.

It gently absorbs into the skin right after applying,

makes the skin smooth without stickiness, and keeps the nutrients and moisture in the skin long with excellent absorbent.

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It has light sky blue color because of blocking blue light. 

Hair moisturization

Apply a small amount of cream to the end of your cracked hair to prevent dryness and to keep your hair calm!

Before you go to bed, mix cream with oil and apply on your skin, then it keeps moisture without drying and gives you dead skin cells care!

Glossy make-up

Mix Yogu-Fresh Cream and Foundation in 1:2 ratio and apply them evenly to form a smooth, glossy skin!