KOELCIA All Day Moisty Black Pearl Ampule 120ml

KOELCIA All Day Moisty Black Pearl Ampule 120ml


Do pore care, and whitening at once with Luxury Anti-aging, "Black Pearl" !

Black Pearl is a water-soluble constituent that has bioactive substance such as Mineral, Amino acid, Calcium, which means it has a powerful effects on hydration and whitening since it increases skin absorption.

recharges the lack of moisture and nutrition to skin that are stimulated by the outside circumstance.

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2 in 1 ampule

It transforms into water when it meets temparature, so you don't need to use toner since it gives you toner efficacy as well.

Moisty makeup

You can complete moist makeup if you use foundation mixed with all day moisty ampule

Mask Pack effect UP

If you use all day moisty ampule lightly before use a mask pack, moisture rate UP

Complete moist makeup easily with All day moisty ampule