APRILSKIN Magic Snow Sun Cushion

APRILSKIN Magic Snow Sun Cushion

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Magic Snow Sun

  • Portable sun cream

  • Mild sun cream for children & adult

  • No more oiliness & whitening trace

  • Applied softly under makeup

1. Mineral Based Sun Cream
Mineral based sun cream and blocks UV rays by reflecting radiation

2. Minimized Whitening Trace
Compensated defects of standard mineral based sun cream

3. Makeup Boosting Effect
Boost makeup effects when applied under makeup


Apply and spread sun cream on skin evenly

Key Ingredients

  • Evening Primrose Extract

  • Blackberry Extract

  • Argan Spinosa Kernel Oil

  • Rasberry Extract

  • Chastenut Complex

  • Acai Palm Extract

  • Fruit Extract

  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil