APRILSKIN Turn-up Bleach volume Set

APRILSKIN Turn-up Bleach volume Set

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Turn-Up Bleach

Product Details

It is a type that mixes mixture 1 and 2, which does not falls or splatters.

It is clean, easy and does not add extra cost with hair length.

Hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin, refined lanolin, and jojoba oil are included to minimize hair damage and relieves itching and stinging on scalp.

Partial or total bleaching can be done in a short time and brightens the original hair just like you do in a professional hair salon.

Cream texture of decolorizing tint smoothly and quickly permeate into hair, which helps to discolor uniformly without blotching back hair or long hair that is not visible


STEP 1 : Make a Mixture

1. Wear gloves and gown to avoid mixture on skin
2. In an empty container, put #1 powder and #2 lotion(lotion:powder=3:1)
3. Stir with a brush

STEP 2 : Apply the mixture to hair 4. Divide the hair with a brush and apply the mixture evenly on dried hair.

5. Bangs tend to be discolored faster than back hair, so apply in order of neck, hair line and forehead
6. Leave it for 20 minutes (if left too long, the mixture may falls)