APRILSKIN Turn-up Color Treatment [RENEWAL]

APRILSKIN Turn-up Color Treatment [RENEWAL]

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Turn-up color treatment

[Product Details]

  • Semi-permanent Color Coating
  • 2 weeks, semi-permanent hair dye
  • No damage, Color coating.
  • This hair treatment attaches the color pigment on to a surface of the hair.
  • 20 herb extracts nourishes a brittle hair, so even on a seriously damaged hair can have defined color and shine.


1. Who has damaged hair from series of dying and bleaching but cannot give up on the style.
2. Who wants to change to a different color every 2 weeks.
3. Who wants to create a unique style by mixing colors.


1. If the treatment is used on dark and not dyed hair, it can not be fully tinted as a color you desire
2. Since the color fades away gradually and naturally, use separate towel and dry thoroughly after shampoo
3. If more vibrant color is preferred, wait little longer after applying
4. If stronger tint is preferred, apply the turn-up color treatment on a dry hair.
5. To prevent fading quickly, dry your hair completely after use.
6. Additional conditioner or treatment use after color treatment is not recommended