APRILSKIN Magic Gentle Down Perm

APRILSKIN Magic Gentle Down Perm

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Magic Gentle Down Perm

Highly Recommended FOR YOU!

  •  Have hard time styling hair due to stubborn side hair
  •  Find perm at salon too pricey
  •  Sick of same old hair style
  •  Need to get ready for important date coming soon

Container and Brush in ONE

  • Easy to use with container and brush in one!
  • Magic Gentle Down Perm is convenient to use
  • Apply the content by pressing container and brushing side hair


  • 1. Dry hair completely after wash.

  • 2. Wear ear caps to protect ear

  • 3. Press the container and brush to spread on side hair

  • 4. Apply from root by pressing down firmly using a brush

  • 5. Leave on for 10~15 minutes and wash thoroughly with shampoo

  • 6. Use blow dryer to dry and press down on side hair

  • 7. Once hair is completely dried, style with spray or hair wax

Key Ingredients

  • 1. Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

  • 2. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

  • 3. Camellia sinensis Leaf Extract

  • 4. Ginseng Leaf/Stem

  • 5. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract