April Skin Hair Pact

April Skin Hair Pact

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Hair Pact

[Product Details]

  • Frame hair line and face
  • Natural-looking finish
  • Convenient and neat packaging
  • Perfectly Define Hair
  • Hair Pact Color : Most natural-looking with hair-like color

01 Chocolate Hair

Dark Chocolate color naturally blends into dark hair color, creating younger-looking complexion.

02 Brown Hair

Warm brown color blends naturally with brighter hair color to create youthful-looking complexion.

[Hair Pact Versatile Use]

It can used for other purposes as well!

1. Eye Brow - Hair color fills in sparse brows naturally
2. Eye Shadow - Natural hues creates depth to eyes
3. Contouring - Contour around forehead, side frame and nose to enhance and sharpen complexion.

[Key Ingredients]

1. Camellia Japonica Seed oil
2. Acorus Calamus Root Extract
3. Houttuynia Cordata Extract