April Skin Magic Oil Tint

April Skin Magic Oil Tint

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Magic Oil TINT

Product Details

  • Tint and Lip Gloss in One! Ultra Hydrating Lips!

  • APRILSKIN OIL TINT Two Colors #101-Scarlet #301-Orange

  • It is Infused with Argan oil and 6 Kinds of seed oil moisturize lips and create glossy and plumped lip look.

  • Ultra Hydration : 7 Botanical oils provide moisture for soft and smooth lips.

  • Long Wearing : Juicy and vibrant color is tinted naturally for lasting hours.

  • It is infused with natural argan oil to provide lasting hydration for dry and chapped lips.

  • Plumping and glossy color is tinted to natural pink as time passes.

  • Different in shade of pinkness may exists.

Key Ingredients

1. Apricot Kemel Oil

2. Punica Granatum Seed Oil

3. Lemon Seed Oil

4. Grapefruit Seed Oil

5. Grape Seed Oil

6. Apple Seed Oil